PersonalProfileProperties Complex Type

Description Profile properties for the Personal Mobile authentication method.
Since 5.7
See also PersonalMobile

Holds the profile properties for the Personal Mobile authentication method.

Property Type Description
id String Unique identifier for the profile.
name String The name of the profile.
messageBox MessageBoxProperties Holds the MessageBox properties of a Profile.
deviceInfo DeviceInfoProperties Holds the Device Info properties of a Profile.
isProvisioned boolean If true then the profile has been activated on a user device.
provisioningURL String URL to the provisioning request.
isNotifiedAboutProvisioning boolean Is true if user have been notified of provisioning request
isRemoved boolean Is true if profile has been removed and therefore will be removed internally.
provisioningStart long Timestamp of when a provisioning flow was started.
provisioningTTL long The time span in which a provisioning flow can be completed.
pendingKeys List<String> Parameters representing a key specification used by client upon provisioning to create new keys.
creationDate long Timestamp of when client completed the provisioning flow.
lastUsedDate long Timestamp of the most recent usage of a profile.
keys List<PersonalMobileKeyProperties> The keys property contains all public keys present on a profile. Public keys are encapsulated by a PersonalMobileKeyProperties object.

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