Subject Complex Type

Description Represents an authentication identity.
Since 5.2
See also MapItem

A Subject represents a grouping of related information for a single entity, such as a user. Such information includes the Subject's identities as well as its security-related credentials (passwords and cryptographic keys, for example). Subjects may potentially have multiple identities, each identity is represented as a principal within the Subject.

Reserved principal names: "username", "session", "clientsession".

The Principal MapItem value of the reserved name "clientsession" will be logged in the audit log upon challenged/denied/accepted authentication requests.

Property Type Description
language string Defines the preferred language of the subject. The language code are lower case, two-letter codes as defined by ISO-639. If no language code is set a default language will be selected by the server.
country string Defines the geographical region of the subject. The country code are upper case, two-letter codes as defined by ISO-3166. Used in combination with the language code to determine the preferred language, will be ignored by the server if not set.
credentials MapItem A List<MapItem> containing the credentials used during authentication.
principals MapItem A List<MapItem> containing principals for the subject. You can add your own set of principals if required, they will pass-through any server call as long as the principal name does not collide with any of the reserved names.

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