OATHResynchData Complex Type

Description Representation of an resynchronizing data object, which is needed for token resynchronization.
Namespace http://portwise.com/ws/v1/oath
Since 5.3

Representation of a data object needed for token resynchronization. In order to resynchronize a token, the user needs to call the initOATHToken method in the OATH service to retrieve a OATHResynchData object. This object contains a challenge, counter window size, time window size and expected OTP length. This object is needed as parameter to method resynchOCRAToken.

Property Type Description
initCompleted boolean Set to true if initialization of this object is performed.
challenge string A generated challenge for the specified token.
counterWindow int Size of counter window.
timeWindow int Size of time window (in time steps).
expectedOtpLength int Expected OTP length for OTPs used in token resynchronizing.

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