OATHProperties Complex Type

Description Account configuration properties for the PortWise OATH authentication method.
Namespace http://portwise.com/ws/v1/OATH
Since 5.2
See also OATHToken

Holds PortWise OATH settings for a user account.

Property Type Description
enabled boolean Set to true if this authentication method is to be enabled.
oathTokens List<OATHToken> List of OATHToken.
userName string Identifier of the account that the properties is associated with, used to select account to save settings on.
password string Write-only attribute containing the password, set to null or an empty string to prevent it from updating while the other attributes are set.
generatePwd boolean Set to true if the system should generate a new password.
pwdNeverExpires boolean Set to true if the password never should expire.
userCannotChangePwd boolean Set to true if the user are not allowed to change password.
userMustChangePwd boolean Set to true if the user must change password at next logon.
useDirectoryPwd boolean Set to true if the User storage password should be used.

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